BOTTEGA & ARTISAN brings European design house as well as replication of REAL natural Stone and Marble. Using a state-of-the-art scanning machine, we replicate a whole piece of stone, to provide the most natural and authentic design in our tiles.

With the newest European technology, our manufacturer has the best factory in Asia at present. Bottega Artisan is using Lamina (Moldless Technology), technology created by System Ceramics group called Lamgea Lamina Press. Our manufacturer has robotic printing system that allows us to produce two finishing in one surface at the same time which are not yet available in Indonesia.

Our production line maintains HIGHEST QUALITY PRODUCTS with ease and consistency. New plant and machinery with latest technology are installed at Bottega Artisan from internationally reputed suppliers like System Group, Tecno Ferrari, Modena, BMR, CMF Technology, Sacmi.

The founders travel around the world to find the best manufacturers that can deliver the same kind of quality and product desired. We are creating the ultimate range of porcelain and ceramic tiles, never before in Indonesia this has been done under a single umbrella. We are proudly present products with the utmost satisfaction, bringing quality, design and product, what used to be exclusively on the realms of the Italian and Spain manufacturer, to our customer in Indonesia.

With Variative size and sophisticated technology BOTTEGA & ARTISAN is the Finest Tiles Company in Indonesia.


BOTTEGA ARTISAN believes that each products carry different purposes and different meaning. We strive for excellence not only from our product but also the process and little things, such as human touch in our product-making.

Appreciation to the design as an art with passion is a form of manifestation of "trustworthy" that we want to deliver to the costumer, making sure that choose BOTTEGA ARTISAN is not a wrong decision.

BOTTEGA ARTISAN aim to magnify the beauty of its pieces,
delivering the premium solution to any type of application in residential, commercial and public architecture.

Sizes from small to Super XL with only one thing consistent between them, the uncompromised quality 'the best of the best' or what we like to say the finest tiles.