Ceiling BS-30B Screw

BS-30 can both uses as ceiling grip and midway grip. Can be serves as the base for a suspending wire or midway suspension. Select a suitable fitting depending on material qualities, fixing methods, etc.


Ceiling, midway

Type :

Wire Cable Selection :
Φ1.0 (8kg), Φ1.2 (10kg), Φ1.5 (30kg)



Safety Instruction :

- Do install grippers or rails into structural framework, or use anchors as appropriate.
- Make sure the gripper is correctly aligned. Ceiling-mounted grippers should have the pin facing down, but all others will have the pin facing up.
- Make sure to insert cable into the gripper completely before using it.
- Please do not use cables thinner than the cable diameter that is compatible.
- Do not disassemble or modify our products.
- When using a universal type, do not use it by tilting it more than the allowable angle. Our products may be impossible to grip the cable and may fall. Also, the cable may be broken and impossible to use.
- Make sure to check on the cable that there is something wrong such as broken or cutting.
- Do not pull our products strongly. Ceiling equipments or items may fall. And please note that children do not play with it.
- Do not use our products for applications such as riding or hanging that may threaten human lives.
- Please select and use the product with allowance for safe working load. Due to shaking and uneven loading, unexpected load may be applied to each cable.
- Do not use our products after using overload. The parts may be damaged and it is not possible to obtain sufficient strength.